Jungle Bob 10G Decoration Kit Grey 10769

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 74.99 
SKU: 10769

Here is an awesome 10 gallon decoration kit from JUNGLE BOB Aquatics!


thin easy installable background- Just slide it into the tank and you are done .

you dont even have to take all the water or the fish out!

small stone in matching grey color

small cave in matching grey color

9" Filter cover grey to hide pumps, pipes, filters or heaters

and one small 3.5" plant (our choice on plant)

Decorations are made of high quality, fish safe poly resin material that sinks in water.


8282 Jungle Bob thin background

8081 Jungle Bob Filter COver 9"

8086 Jungle Bob Aquarium stone small

8213 Jungle Bob Aquarium cave, small

premium 3.5 plant ( our choice)

It doesnt get any simpler than this!

Glass tank and gravel not included, please go to your local aquarium shop and by those!

Tell them JUNGLE BOB sent you!