About Jungle Bob

Jungle Bob’s infectious passion for some of the worlds most “Unloved, Unusual and Unknown” began decades ago when as a 6 year old boy he moved from NYC's Hell's Kitchen section to suburban Long Island. It was there he encountered many species of animals unknown to him and a life long journey of learning about reptiles began.

 Now a veteran of over 50 trips to tropical rain forests and dozens more to wild habitats around the globe, Jungle Bob has brought the plight of the forests and the creatures that inhabit them to the masses. He was the publisher of the critically acclaimed Fauna Magazine, a National Geographic quality publication that focused on that segment of our natural world. He opened the Seprentarium in Riverhead, a living museum run by a not for profit organization that he was the Chairman of. 

In 2008 he opened Jungle Bob's Reptile World, the Northeast’s largest reptile only pet store, that preaches responsible pet ownership and captive breeding.

Jungle Bob has personally touched the lives of thousands of people through informative traveling live animal presentations where he weaves tales from his extensive travels, shares his knowledge and passion of the subject, while dispelling the myths associated with these amazing creatures. 

Through social media Jungle Bobs message has gone viral via the YouTube channel.

"I get a lot of satisfaction when I see the kids eyes light up during presentations. Children are becoming disconnected from the natural world. Being able to see, feel and touch a lizard or a snake is an amazing experience for most and I always try to leave them wondering what else there is to learn.”

Jungle Bob also manages to find the time to lead expeditions to Central America as he has done for fifteen years, to give a chosen few the opportunity to view animals in the wild. "Seeing animals in their natural habitats really is the ultimate in terms of understanding the inter-connectivity of all living things"

Launched in early 2015,Jungle Bob's own line of quality reptile supplies. The JUNGLE BOB BRAND offers unique items available only through Jungle Bob as well as the essentials to care for reptiles in captivity.  Reptiles are an often maligned group of animals. In literature and film they are depicted as evil. In the pet trade they have been treated as almost throw away animals. This is slowly changing and Jungle Bob is educating people everyday in every way possible to change peoples thinking on all that by simply telling the truth. "We will continue to paint these creatures in the same light as mammals and birds and frankly they are more interesting, equally important to their environments and in many ways................ they are more beautiful."

Jungle Bob's latest endeavor launched in late 2015 Jungle Bob began producing three dimensional aquarium backgrounds which have catapulted the company on a national level. "They work well in reptile tanks too, but they were designed for aquarium enthusiasts and look awesome in the water"

Jungle Bob! Our hats are off to you!! A true pioneer in his field, a man who talks the talk and for sure has walked the walk. Don't miss an opportunity to see him in person, at his store, on line or in the Jungle...

"Let's face it, our generation isn’t leaving the environment in the best shape, my goal is to ignite a spark in my audiences, particularly the children. Perhaps they will make the difference in saving our planet in the future."
- Jungle Bob